nba fixtures,peer to peer connection gaming Releases 2021Meiden raises target for emissions cuts by 2030; Science Based Targets certification

unity peer to peer multiplayer Corporation (Meiden) has revised its targets upward for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in tandem with the start in fiscal 2021 of its new Medium-term Management Plan, accelerating its decarbonization efforts toward achieving a carbon-neutral Japan (no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere) by 2050.

The new targets were acknowledged by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)*1 as compatible with the Paris Agreement*2, resulting in the SBT certification for Meiden.

Under the new targets, Meiden aims to cut emissions (Scope 1 and 2) of greenhouse gases associated with its business activities by 30 percent and those from use of its products by 15 percent, compared with fiscal 2019, by the end of fiscal 2030.

Before revisions (to targets announced in May 2018) After revisions (from April 2021)
Target for fiscal 2030 Track record Target for fiscal 2030 (SBT certification)
Emissions associated with business activities
(Scope 1 and 2)

30% reduction compared with fiscal 2017

19% reduction
in fiscal 2019

30% reduction
compared with fiscal 2019

Emissions of its products after being used
(Category 11 of Scope 3)

No target set


15% reduction
compared with fiscal 2019

To attain these targets, Meiden joined the Ministry of Environment’s 2020 pilot project to support companies in compiling a plan to reduce CO2 emissions toward realizing SBT*3. With that support, Meiden has compiled the 2021 version of the Meiden Group’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions toward attaining SBT. The plan focuses on specific reduction measures and initial approaches to their implementation plan, which will be subject to review if necessary to optimize its outcomes.
Targets for fiscal 2030 Emissions cut measures (extract)

Emissions associated with business activities
(Scope 1 and 2)
30% reduction compared with fiscal 2019

  • Replacing the use of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) with dry air, etc.
  • Capital investment (Replacing aging equipment, introducing more efficient equipment, and using electricity rather than gas, etc.)
  • Renewable energy procurement (Non-fossil fuel energy certificate, power menu, etc.
  • Switching company-owned gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles

Emissions resulting from use of products
(Category 11 of Scope 3)
15% reduction compared with fiscal 2019

  • Eco-friendly designs (No use of SF6, downsizing products and making them highly efficient)
  • Revising business portfolio (Raising the ratio of EV-related products, maintenance services and business associated with small and midsize hydropower generation facilities and other low-carbon businesses, whose emissions per sale are low, in its overall business operations


  • Generating innovations
  • Introducing internal carbon pricing

In particular, we will increase the ratio of our low-carbon businesses that enable low emissions per sale, including EV-related products and maintenance services whose demand is expected to expand, in our overall sales to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after the products are used by our clients (Category 11, Scope 3). By making our business portfolio low-carbon through these measures, we will pursue both increases in sales and cuts in emissions.

The Meiden Group has introduced the following measures to reduce greenhouse gases:

■Capital investment on production facilities for electric vehicle drive products (motors and inverters)
[reference] Meiden press release dated March 30, 2021

■Meiden to use locally generated, CO2-free electricity at Ohta Works in Gunma Prefecture
[reference] Meiden press release dated April 15, 2021

■Introduction of international carbon pricing (from April 2021)

We convert the estimated emissions of CO2 associated with proposed capital investment into a monetary value, or an internal carbon fee, and use that data to base our judgment on whether to make an investment.
・Internal carbon price: ¥3,000 (approx. $27) per ton of CO2 (Subject to revisions as necessary)
・Capital investment proposals subject to the pricing system: Those proposed in fiscal 2021 and beyond (for the time being, the price is used for visualizing emissions so there is no fee involved)

Going forward, the Meiden Group will contribute to enriching the world through our business activities so that we can realize a sustainable society.

*1 SBTi: An international initiative by the U.N. Global Compact, World Wildlife Fund, CDP and World Resources Institute.

*2 Paris Agreement: An international framework adopted at COP 21 parties in 2015 calling for making efforts to limit the average rise in the global temperature to below 2℃, preferably below 1.5℃, compared to pre-industrial levels.

*3 The fiscal 2020 pilot project to support companies in compiling a plan to reduce CO2 emissions toward realizing SBT: A project in which the Environment Ministry invited companies to submit proposals for specific measures to cut emissions so that they can achieve medium and long-term decarbonization plans. For fiscal 2020, proposals by five companies – Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation, Nisshin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd., FamilyMart Co., Ltd., Benesse Corporation and unity peer to peer multiplayer Corporation – were adopted.


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